Sonora Raider Regiment Band and Color Guard Booster Officer Duties


The President will

  • Preside at all Booster Meetings

  • Maintain flow of information between the Band Director and various chairs

  • Serve as the primary representative and spokesperson for the band booster organization

  • Appoint officers and coordinate chairs

  • Ensure that all projects coming from the band boosters are implemented in a timely manner

  • Be a signatory on the band booster financial accounts

  • Serve as an ex officio member of all committees


The Vice-President will

  • Attend all Booster Meetings

  • Assume all duties of the President in his/her absence

  • Reserve the La Habra Community Center or other location for Banquet

  • Be a signatory on the band booster financial accounts

  • To serve as the Chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee

  • Review the by-laws each year


The Secretary will

  • Attend all Booster Meetings

  • Record and maintain minutes at all Band booster meetings

  • Maintain, with the help of the Band Director, an updated address and phone list of all current students

  • Keep an updated copy of the band booster by-laws and have available at each meeting, should someone need to consult them

  • Send all correspondence, thank you cards, letters and other general communication that represents the organization

  • Forward announcements to local media, webmaster, and other officers concerts, performances, awards, fundraisers, etc.


The Treasurer will

  • Attend all Booster Meetings

  • Present a report on the current financial status at all Booster Meetings

  • Keep accurate records of funds received and disbursed, fundraising monies, transportation, Band Camp, t-shirt and shoe fees

  • Write all checks

  • Deposit all money collections in a timely manner

  • Maintain individual student accounts

  • Collect and track Band and Colorguard Fees and mail invoices on a regular basis

  • Maintain records of Certificates of Deposit and other savings/endowments

  • Assist in the formulation of an annual balanced budget

  • Maintain that expenditures remain within the approved budget

Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary will

  • Attend all Booster Meetings

  • Send out an e-mail once a week to those on the mailing list regarding upcoming events, announcements, results, etc…

  • Obtain information from the officers and Band Director that should be included in each e-mail (Meetings, dates, announcements, etc…)

Fundraising Chair

The Fundraising Chair will

  • Attend all Booster Meetings

  • Recruit additional help to solicit from area businesses

  • Coordinate fund raising efforts with band director

  • Collect and compile all orders from students

  • Coordinate with band director the delivery and distribution of orders

  • Coordinate with band director the recovery of all funds

  • Forward all funds to band booster treasurer

  • Provide Band Director with a list of delinquent students

Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator will

  • Attend all Booster Meetings

  • Reserve the Rental truck for all marching competitions, percussion competitions, and the Plummer Concert

  • Arrange for a driver for all truck rentals

  • Supervise student loading and unloading of equipment

  • Maintain Wagon Room and Wagon inventory

  • Coordinate the availability of chaperones at all events (hair, plumes, pit crew, loading supervisor, programs, etc…)

Uniform Coordinator

The Uniform Coordinator will

  • Attend all Booster Meetings

  • Maintain inventory and control of all uniforms

  • Measure and fit all concert and marching uniforms

  • Coordinate alterations

  • Make periodical checks for ill-fitting uniforms

  • Collect and disburse uniforms at appropriate times

  • Coordinate uniform cleaning with band director and cleaning institution

  • Order t-shirts, band shoes, and gloves as necessary

  • Assemble an "Idiot box" to include extra uniform parts and accessories for use by band sergeants prior to all performances

  • Coordinate uniform cleaning with band director and cleaning institution

 Hospitality Chair

The Hospitality Chair will

  • Attend all Booster Meetings

  • Coordinate the donation of Gatorade, water, and snacks at all performances and other events

  • Arrange set up and tear down of snacks and drinks at all events

  • Coordinate the cleaning and filling of water bottles for all competitions and all home football games

  • Coordinate the donation of water (two cases per family) during Band Camp

  • Follow guidelines set forth in the budget for expenditures and keep track of all receipts of purchases to turn in for reimbursement

Color Guard Representative

The Color Guard Representative will

  • Attend all Booster Meetings

  • Be prepared to give a brief report on Color Guard news

  • Assist with Color Guard uniforms and equipment as necessary

  • Assist in getting makeup, hair and uniform preparations completed before performances

  • Assist in the collection of props and other guard items left on the field after performances

  • Assist the Color Guard Director with any tasks needed throughout the year. These tasks might include: ordering uniforms and/or equipment, preparing Winterguard handouts or e-mails, recordkeeping, trip planning, and chaperoning

Upon election of his/her successor, officers shall turn over to him/her all books and other property belonging to the Band Association that he/she may have in his/her possession. Past year’s minutes and other records should be filed in the uniform room or the Director’s office and kept for reference and historical purposes.


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